Joseph – BUNDLE


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A Bible story PowerPoint presentation: Joseph complete set.

This set includes all of the slides from the six individual Joseph sets. This allows you to easily split up the stories however you like.

•  Jacob’s family when Joseph is born.
•  Joseph reports his brothers.
•  Richly ornamented robe (coat of many colours).
•  Brothers are annoyed.
•  Joseph’s first dream – sheaves of corn.
•  Joseph’s second dream – sun, moon & stars.

•  ‘Let’s kill the dreamer.’
•  Reuben.
•  Thrown in the pit.
•  Ishmaelite traders.
•  Robe dipped in blood.
•  Sold as a slave in Egypt.

•  In charge of Potiphar’s household.
•  Potiphar’s wife notices Joseph.
•  Potiphar’s wife asks Joseph to be her boyfriend.
•  Potiphar’s wife tells Potiphar that Joseph tried to hurt her.
•  Prison.

•  Joseph with the cupbearer (butler) and baker.
•  The cupbearer’s dream.
•  The baker’s dream.
•  The cupbearer and Pharaoh.
•  The cupbearer forgets Joseph.

•  Pharaoh asleep.
•  7 fat cows – 7 thin cows.
•  7 good ears of corn – 7 thin ears of corn.
•  The cupbearer remembers Joseph.
•  Joseph before Pharaoh.
•  7 years of plenty – 7 years of famine.
•  Joseph as second-in-command of Egypt.
•  Granaries.
•  Egyptians collect grain.

•  Joseph sends his sons to Egypt.
•  The brothers bow to Joseph.
•  Simeon in prison.
•  Brothers find their silver in their sacks.
•  Judah persuades Jacob to let Benjamin come.
•  Benjamin.
•  Brothers seated in order of ages.
•  Benjamin gets 5 times as much food.
•  Silver cup in Benjamin’s sack.
•  Judah pleads with Joseph.
•  “I am Joseph!”
•  The family comes to Egypt.
•  Jacob reunited with Joseph.

(44 slides – NOTE: You will receive them in two presentations of 22 slides each, as a single file with 44 slides is to large to attach!)

Price includes a free upgrade if/when a new version becomes available.


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