Abraham is called


A Bible story PowerPoint presentation: God calls Abraham to leave his country and go to the Promised Land.
Abram, Sarai, Lot.
God tells Abram to go to a new land.
God’s promises to Abram.
Abram leaves Harran.
Abram builds an altar in Canaan.

(5 slides)

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Notes on illustrations

Date: Around 2100 BC

Abram’s clothes: Based on many reliefs and statues of Gudea, Ur-Nammu and Hammurabi, who were Mesopotamian rulers around this time.

Sarai’s clothes: Based on various statues in the British Museum and Louvre. This is not a separate dress and shawl, but a single length of cloth wrapped round – a bit like a sari.

Lot’s clothes: Based on Mesopotamian clay figurines.

Houses: These kind of houses can be found in Harran today. Similar kinds of houses did exist in ancient times, so I thought they were a good – and interesting – choice.

Tents: These are just based on modern bedoiun tents – tents don’t survive long enough for archaeologists to find!

Abraham & Sarah’s ages: I have not made Abram or Sarai old in this story. Although Abram was 75 and Sarai was 65, people seem to have aged slower or counted years differently (Jacob was 77 when he ran away from Esau!) and so I have made them middle-aged. There is no suggestion at this stage that Sarai is too old to have children, just that she is infertile. The first time Sarah is described as too old is 25 years later, before Isaac is born.


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