The Lamp Bible Pictures story really started on 6th Nov 2010.

A friend emailed me asking if I knew of anywhere she could find clipart of Bible stories. She was trying to make PowerPoints for school chapel services, and was searching for suitable illustrations with little success.

I gave a couple of suggestions, but they weren’t what she was looking for.

It seemed like there was a gap in the market, and I said that maybe one day I’d do something about it… Later that month, I realised that, if there really was a gap in the market, I could do something about it. If I drew the pictures she was needing, I could also sell them to other people. I suggested a simple style, as that would be quick, and she was thrilled.

So she gave me her syllabus, and I got to work. The first ever lesson, for the start of the new term in January, was The Boy Jesus. I was enjoying the freedom of illustrating for PowerPoint (where you have unlimited pages, unlike print) so much that I drew 14 illustrations! I have to say I didn’t keep that up ?

By mid 2013 I felt I had enough illustrations to start a website, and I made my first sale in November of that year.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

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